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Our objectives
Isotopes are ubiquitous markers of provenance and/or natural processes routinely used across many scientific disciplines. The field of isotope geochemistry has grown exponentially over the last decades, millions of isotopic data were generated from all sort of substrates across the world.  The community is working on developing Isobank ,a global isotope database, to unlock the potential of isotope science to the broader scientific community. 
My research vision is to build on advances in analytical and numerical methods, open-access repositories, geological maps, and interdisciplinary collaborations to use global big data science in isotope geochemistry for innovative science applications in ecology and palecology, hydrology and chemical weathering, and paleoenvironments.
For more details about my vision also watch below my Keynote presentation at the IAEA 2020 conference: "The future of Atoms: Artificial Intelligence" (my presentation starts at 29min30sec)
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