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Past members

Alejandro Serna (Postdoc  2019-2020)


Alejandro is a native from Argentina, he attended the National University of La Plata, where he studied Anthropology (2012) and obtained his PhD (2018), which was focused on the identification of the ethnicity and provenance of Patagonian hunter-gatherers through the study of oxygen stable isotopes in archaeological human remains and water. During his postdoc (2021) in collaboration with the University of Ottawa (Canada), he worked with strontium isotopes and applied machine-learning algorithms to develop an isoscape for paleomobility and forensic research in Patagonia. 


Current Position: ITCE Postdoc SPATIAL Group University of Utah

Lihai Hu (Postdoc  2018-2021)


Lihai is from Sichuan Province, southwestern part of China. He got his PhD in Geology at the University of Utah. He is a postdoc at the University of Ottawa since February 2019. He is working on the Canadian Security and Safety Program project. His work includes developing the use of strontium and lead isotope systems in the Forensic Attribution Database (FAD) to improve the spatial resolution of human geolocation in Canada for forensic applications. 

Current Position: Head engineer at ESI

Anaelle Fauberteau (MSc 2017-2018)


Anaelle is from France (from Nantes city). Five years ago she started studies in Biology (Life Sciences), and she switched to Biological Chemistry. She completed her MS while working in the SAIVE lab investigating strontium isotopes as a geolocation tool for human forensics in Ontario and Quebec. She hopes to become the next Sara Sidle! 


Current position: Forensic laboratory manager (France)

Myhunghak Kang (MSc 2019-2021)


Julian is from South Korea. He completed his BSc in Earth Sciences at Carleton University in 2018 and defended his MSc in Earth Sciences at the University of Ottawa in January 2021. His MSc focused on spatial patterns of lithium isotope across the Yukon River.

Current position: Li-metals (Toronto)

Shelina Bhuiyan (MSc 2019-2022)


Shelina received her BSc in Environmental Science in 2016 from Australian Catholic University with Distinction and was awarded an honorary membership at Golden Key Int. Honor Society. She worked in the industry in Australia and Canada before starting her MSc in Earth Science at UOttawa with scholarship. Her research is focused on isotopic analysis of tap water and human hair with implications for water management and forensic applications. She is also working with Natural Resources Canada on predictive flood modeling using machine learning techniques. She enjoys fishing and travelling.

Current position:

Megan Reich (MSc 2018-2020)


Megan is from Chilliwack, BC. She completed her BSc in Environmental Sciences at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) in 2015. She worked on her MSc with the SAiVE lab developing the strontium isotope geolocation tool for researching monarch butterfly ecology and conservation in collaboration with Ryan Norris and Tyler Flockhart.

Project: In review in Methods in Ecology and Evolution

Current position: PhD candidate University of Ottawa

Francis Raposo (BSc honour 2018-2019)

Francis Face SAIVE GROUP.jpg

Francis was a Honours B.Sc. in Geology student at the University of Ottawa. He has lived in Ottawa most of his life and would like to eventually get a job related to geomatics and/or other geographic and geological information systems.


Current Position: Association canadienne des employés professionnels (programmeur)

Joshua Aibueku (BSc honour 2019-2020)


Josh was a Honours B.Sc. in Geology at the University of Ottawa. He is originally from Nigeria and has been in Ottawa for the last 4 years to complete his geology degree. He worked on developing a sulfur isoscape using Milkweed plants across the United States and demonstrating the controls of sulfur isotope variations across the landscape.  

Current Position: Chemical Technician at Drain-All Ltd.

Mira Kaur Kindra (BSc Honour 2019-2020)



Samantha Zabudsky (BSc honour 2019-2020)


Samantha is a fourth year honours student double majoring in biology and geology at the University of Ottawa. Her primary interests are in aquatic conservation, and during the summer she works for The Department of Fisheries and Oceans Canada doing early surveillance of Asian Carp. She loves travelling and spending time with family and friends.


Current Position: MSc Memorial University

Victoria Lee (BSc honour 2018-2019)


Victoria Lee is from Gatineau (QC) and completed her fourth year of her Honours B.Sc. in Geology. She worked in the SAiVE lab for her honours research project on lithium isotope geochemistry of river water in Yukon. Her interests include environmental sustainability and she enjoys travelling and discovering new places

Current Position: M.Sc. Candidate at Reykjavík University and Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique (NSERC MSc. Fellowship).

Her research in the SAiVE Lab was highlighted here:

Shufan Li (BSc COOP 2017-2018)


Shufan Li is from the northern part of China, and she is working as a third year honor student studying geochemistry and ecotoxicology at University of Ottawa. She worked in the SAiVE lab as a COOP student compiling a global strontium isotope database for geolocation. She loves watching movies and traveling with family or friends.

Current Position: University of Ottawa, Project Assistant

Callum Blaney (BSc UROP 2018-2019)


Callum Blaney was born in Medicine Hat, Alberta. He is currently in his third year as an Honours B.Sc student in Chemistry at the University of Ottawa. Callum is currently working at the SAiVE lab on a UROP scholarship, his research project involves analyzing the oxygen and hydrogen isotopes of water samples collected from the Yukon River to determine how permafrost degradation can affect river hydrology. He loves the sea and aquatic wildlife & is in the process of becoming an advanced scuba diver."

Current Position: MSc. Carleton University

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